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The Real Reason For Authenticity

Authenticity and Social Media
The first time I posted a video on Facebook-
Let me get to the few months before I posted a video where I stalled and siked myself up because I was so afraid of what people might think of me.
A little background, I am a part of an online community. I started over a year ago. The community is welcoming and really feels like family. Despite all this I am afraid of posting a video.
I finally got up enough nerve to post. My first video was about authenticity. This was the start of my journey with social media. Following the first post, completely vulnerable, as I had broken my arm a few weeks before. I started participating in a 90-day video challenge. These were short videos 1-2 minutes in length. I posted them everyday in this group.
Each time I posted a video, it became easier for me to open up about me. I found that this community didn’t know my history or have any judgments. They didn’t know me. They know me now, not then.
It was easier for me to talk about life experiences, depression, illnesses, and loss with this group than my own family. Part of this was because my family was suffering too.
This opened my eyes to one reason why we fear social media the most. Or at least why I did. I was afraid that if I let the real me come out that my friends would leave, my family would scatter. They would think I am conceited or looking for pity. They would disapprove. They, they, they…It didn’t sink in that I could help them and in the process myself.
I still don’t think I am completely comfortable with my social media presence. I often wonder if the ones that appear to have it all together really do.
If I wouldn’t have taken the risk or moved past the fear of the first post, I wouldn’t have had the support of this network that became family to me. Social media provided a platform for the interaction and relationships.
So, there may be some people that I don’t talk to today and it may be because of my posts. But, if it is, then they were never my friends. And it’s not about how they—think and feel. It’s about family and friends. It’s about the lives that are changing because of overcoming this fear of being vulnerable and open.
It’s about the ability to reach people in a way I couldn’t on my own.
This is why I hear so many people say, be yourself, be vulnerable, open and authentic. It’s true. 

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