The Real Reason For Authenticity

Authenticity and Social Media
The first time I posted a video on Facebook-
Let me get to the few months before I posted a video where I stalled and siked myself up because I was so afraid of what people might think of me.
A little background, I am a part of an online community. I started over a year ago. The community is welcoming and really feels like family. Despite all this I am afraid of posting a video.
I finally got up enough nerve to post. My first video was about authenticity. This was the start of my journey with social media. Following the first post, completely vulnerable, as I had broken my arm a few weeks before. I started participating in a 90-day video challenge. These were short videos 1-2 minutes in length. I posted them everyday in this group.
Each time I posted a video, it became easier for me to open up about me. I found that this community didn’t know my history or have any judgments. They didn’t know me. They know me now, not then.
It was easier for me to talk about life experiences, depression, illnesses, and loss with this group than my own family. Part of this was because my family was suffering too.
This opened my eyes to one reason why we fear social media the most. Or at least why I did. I was afraid that if I let the real me come out that my friends would leave, my family would scatter. They would think I am conceited or looking for pity. They would disapprove. They, they, they…It didn’t sink in that I could help them and in the process myself.
I still don’t think I am completely comfortable with my social media presence. I often wonder if the ones that appear to have it all together really do.
If I wouldn’t have taken the risk or moved past the fear of the first post, I wouldn’t have had the support of this network that became family to me. Social media provided a platform for the interaction and relationships.
So, there may be some people that I don’t talk to today and it may be because of my posts. But, if it is, then they were never my friends. And it’s not about how they—think and feel. It’s about family and friends. It’s about the lives that are changing because of overcoming this fear of being vulnerable and open.
It’s about the ability to reach people in a way I couldn’t on my own.
This is why I hear so many people say, be yourself, be vulnerable, open and authentic. It’s true. 

Three Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing


  1. Following someone else’s identity instead of establishing your own

It’s easy to get caught up looking at everyone else’s social profiles and trying to be what they are. The result is feeling forced, a sense of pressure, and a lack of authenticity. There are unique qualities about you that your audience likes. God made each of us different and there is no one like you. If we were all the same, the world would be very boring.


Remember that your community is valuable and focus on providing value to them. If the community is smaller this shouldn’t be a discouragement. You are able to engage with the smaller community followers that trust you. Our community is a small group of friends. You sit down with your friends and give them honest advice, do the same with your community in your platforms.


  1. Not Streamlining your workflow


Posting content and responding without using a centralized scheduling tool. When you’re jumping from platform to another without a plan in place, you’re actually spending more time on your marketing. Plan it out on a content scheduler and have a centralized area for responding to your customers. Planning out your content also helps you maintain credibility, by giving you adequate time to research your topics. You’re not speaking off the top of your head, your content is relevant because you took the time to research.


  1. Running out of content

Have a list of content available beforehand. This sets you up for success in providing value to your audience. Focus on what your customers are asking you. Use this information to drive more content in the form of a response. When you focus on the same content your audience will lose interest. Mix up your content by making a list of different questions that you received from your clients or customers. Answer those questions for your topics.


Your responses will also help prepare you for sales conversations and gain confidence. When you write down your list of responses you are more likely to remember them. ” A study of university students and recent graduates has revealed that writing on physical paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information an hour later.” (Ref: footer) Researchers say writing by hand on physical paper is likely what leads to improved memory.


Challenges are necessary for any type of growth. Identifying some common mistakes and coming up with a game plan before will save you time and help you provide more value to your customers. Establish your own identity. Streamline your workflow with scheduling. Keep yourself aware of what your customers are asking by writing a list and you won’t run out of content. Social media marketing is supposed to be fun. Be you and engage with your community.