Marketing | The Machinery

Marketing- The Machinery
Joe owns a chemical company. He spends 10 hours a day in his warehouse. At the end of his day, he has 10 gallons of cleaner that he has mixed. Tina comes along and offers a piece of machinery that will mix 1000 gallons of chemicals a day. Yet, the equipment costs more than Joe thought. Joe is torn between making the decision to hold onto his money or spend it and take the risk.
Joe has not been able to interact with his customers the way that he wants to. He enjoys sales and likes to talk to his customers. That’s why he started business in the first place, to help his customers have a cleaner home using his chemicals.
He goes home after a hard day’s work and he thinks about it. He doesn’t want to spend this money. But, the equipment would save him time and give him the freedom to do more of what he wants.
Joe calls Tina the next day and decides that he’s going to buy this piece of machinery. The equipment arrives and is set up. Soon, Joe is able to spend his workday in a stocked warehouse with customers he enjoys spending time with.
The benefits –
Taking this risk has proven to be a solid return of investment for Joe’s business. Joe is now making ten times more profit than he was before. He has grown his customer base from fifteen to one hundred customers in three months. In fact, Joe has made enough money to pay off the machinery completely. Joe calls Tina and thanks her for helping him save time, money, and resources. He now has the freedom to do what he enjoys most in his business.
This is the same concept with marketing. As a business owner, you can only juggle so many things at one time. You can only produce so much content, visibility, and reach for your business alone. Make use of your machine.
It’s easy to overthink an investment and later regret that you didn’t do anything about it. Your machine delivers customers that you want to work with and a business that you can scale. Marketing is that efficient machine to make your life easier as
an entrepreneur.

Three Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing


  1. Following someone else’s identity instead of establishing your own

It’s easy to get caught up looking at everyone else’s social profiles and trying to be what they are. The result is feeling forced, a sense of pressure, and a lack of authenticity. There are unique qualities about you that your audience likes. God made each of us different and there is no one like you. If we were all the same, the world would be very boring.


Remember that your community is valuable and focus on providing value to them. If the community is smaller this shouldn’t be a discouragement. You are able to engage with the smaller community followers that trust you. Our community is a small group of friends. You sit down with your friends and give them honest advice, do the same with your community in your platforms.


  1. Not Streamlining your workflow


Posting content and responding without using a centralized scheduling tool. When you’re jumping from platform to another without a plan in place, you’re actually spending more time on your marketing. Plan it out on a content scheduler and have a centralized area for responding to your customers. Planning out your content also helps you maintain credibility, by giving you adequate time to research your topics. You’re not speaking off the top of your head, your content is relevant because you took the time to research.


  1. Running out of content

Have a list of content available beforehand. This sets you up for success in providing value to your audience. Focus on what your customers are asking you. Use this information to drive more content in the form of a response. When you focus on the same content your audience will lose interest. Mix up your content by making a list of different questions that you received from your clients or customers. Answer those questions for your topics.


Your responses will also help prepare you for sales conversations and gain confidence. When you write down your list of responses you are more likely to remember them. ” A study of university students and recent graduates has revealed that writing on physical paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information an hour later.” (Ref: footer) Researchers say writing by hand on physical paper is likely what leads to improved memory.


Challenges are necessary for any type of growth. Identifying some common mistakes and coming up with a game plan before will save you time and help you provide more value to your customers. Establish your own identity. Streamline your workflow with scheduling. Keep yourself aware of what your customers are asking by writing a list and you won’t run out of content. Social media marketing is supposed to be fun. Be you and engage with your community.