Marketing | The Machinery

Marketing- The Machinery
Joe owns a chemical company. He spends 10 hours a day in his warehouse. At the end of his day, he has 10 gallons of cleaner that he has mixed. Tina comes along and offers a piece of machinery that will mix 1000 gallons of chemicals a day. Yet, the equipment costs more than Joe thought. Joe is torn between making the decision to hold onto his money or spend it and take the risk.
Joe has not been able to interact with his customers the way that he wants to. He enjoys sales and likes to talk to his customers. That’s why he started business in the first place, to help his customers have a cleaner home using his chemicals.
He goes home after a hard day’s work and he thinks about it. He doesn’t want to spend this money. But, the equipment would save him time and give him the freedom to do more of what he wants.
Joe calls Tina the next day and decides that he’s going to buy this piece of machinery. The equipment arrives and is set up. Soon, Joe is able to spend his workday in a stocked warehouse with customers he enjoys spending time with.
The benefits –
Taking this risk has proven to be a solid return of investment for Joe’s business. Joe is now making ten times more profit than he was before. He has grown his customer base from fifteen to one hundred customers in three months. In fact, Joe has made enough money to pay off the machinery completely. Joe calls Tina and thanks her for helping him save time, money, and resources. He now has the freedom to do what he enjoys most in his business.
This is the same concept with marketing. As a business owner, you can only juggle so many things at one time. You can only produce so much content, visibility, and reach for your business alone. Make use of your machine.
It’s easy to overthink an investment and later regret that you didn’t do anything about it. Your machine delivers customers that you want to work with and a business that you can scale. Marketing is that efficient machine to make your life easier as
an entrepreneur.

Creating Content For Social Media


Creating content is about creating the habit so that you can be consistent. Consistency is key with social media because it is not the same as face-to-face interaction. Face to face interaction takes less time than social media does. One way that you can save time with your content is to repurpose it. Post it first and then move it around to different social media platforms. It is the intention behind the content that matters. Thinking of it as “we get to do it” instead of “we have to do it”.

Grab attention and then hold the attention. Your audience wants to interact with someone that they know like and trust 1. focus on the foundation of your content by storytelling, giving value, and brand awareness 2. provide resources and value in your post, do what feels natural to you, what aligns with your mission, what you’re passionate about and be authentic. If it feels forced, it’s not going to convert. You must be OK with who you are. Attraction marketing is about expression and an opportunity to build a relationship with your client.

The more content you create the more clarity you will gain. Do some research and find out how people feel with your content. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when you’re creating content. Does your audience like video or photos better? Go in with the mindset of service and leadership, truly wanting to help your audience. It’s not just about sales. What are your values? Is your Content in direct alignment with your values, your story, your mission and your purpose? Remember that we are backed by purpose not a paycheck.

There are three types of content video, audio, and print. Scale the one type of content that you like and that your customers engage with the most. Previously content was mostly created on commercials, TV, and radio. Today content is created more on YouTube, podcasts and in social media. 80% of people are visual learners so video is a great way to engage with your audience. Print content is normally in the form of quotes for short form and storytelling for long form content. Live videos are an opportunity to build instant engagement with your audience and provide a useful way to interact with them in real time. You can mix all of these content types too your audience to find out which one resonates with them the most but also to give your audience a different views on your content based on what they like.

How does your brand make your audience feel? Your brand is the soul of your business, your name, values, personality, energy. It’s the storytelling of your business and the relationship connection. Your brand brings awareness to your business. Lead by example and stay in alignment with what you believe.